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To all of the Realms,
Be it known that today, September 25, 2016, Sir Kerrell (Ben Greene) was recognized as a Knight of the Realms.
For the way he inspires others,
For the way he guides with a quiet hand,
For the way those who know him want to better themselves just to please him,
For the way he brings wisdom,
For the way he unites people from across our community,
For the many ways each of us can look up to him and learn from him,
Let us celebrate his achievement together!
If you see Sir K on the field, wish him congratulations. He has earned it.
In service to the Realms,
Sir Alexander Cecil
Matthew Brenner
Knight Commander of the Knights of the Realms

Updates around

There have been many little site updates in the last week or so. From adding member and their bios, to moving members to inactive and back again. These changes don’t usually warrant a front page update, but I also updated the war tourney banner image on the front page.

And now with Pictures!

The Picture Gallery is live, with several years and a couple dozen events worth of pictures. Toah is the first to donate his (something like 6gbs of) pictures to the cause. Email me with your Realms pictures!

New Domains

So after a bit of brainstorming, and bouncing the idea off a few people. I’ve registered a couple more domains. This site is now accessible at the following domains: | | |

I’ve also made the primary site. is back!

Welcome to (or .net since we have both).  This is the rebirth of this site and geared towards the rebirth of the Nation of Blackwood.  Sadly that domain was already taken so for now we’re going to be re-using the old domain.

A lot of the site menu structure is in place at this time, but most of the content is not.  I’m hoping to have that remedied over the next couple weeks as I play with the site.